The Broward County Children’s Strategic Plan (CSP) uses a Collective Impact approach in its committees and sub-committees.
Collective Impact is the commitment of a group of actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a complex social problem.

Collective Impact focuses on five conditions to impact success: Common Agenda, Shared Measurement, Mutually Reinforcing Activities, Continuous Communication, & Backbone Organization.  The CSP network shares a common agenda of working towards 5 desired community conditions of well-being for Children & Families in Broward which are:
  • All children live in stable and nurturing families.
  • Children are mentally and physically healthy.
  • Children are ready to succeed in school.
  • Young people successfully transition to adulthood.
  • Children live in safe and supportive communities.


Individual committees analyze data, identify action steps and establish community indicators to measure progress for specific segments of children’s services. This ever-evolving process includes hundreds of entities throughout Broward County that report to the Leadership Coalition on a quarterly basis. The partners' map below lists the 5 community conditions of well-being in the pink boxes at the top.  Directly below, in the green hexagons, are the groups that make up the Leadership Coalition.  The dark blue Pentagons at the bottom display the committees with related sub-committees listed in the light blue circles underneath.


YES! The Broward County Children’s Strategic Plan (CSP) exists to eliminate duplicative planning efforts of child-serving agencies by using the Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework to identify goals and gaps in the children’s services continuum and taking a Collective Impact approach to achieve the 5 desired community conditions of well-being for Broward County.  What does this all mean?  Developed by Mark Friedman,
Results Based Accountability is a disciplined approach that uses community data to collectively take action to improve the lives of children, families, and the community.

Using data from the community and service providers, RBA is a means to improve the well-being of whole populations and the well-being of client populations served by agencies and systems of care.  This process takes a backwards approach looking at ends and working towards a means.  When applied to the Broward Children’s Strategic Plan the ends are the 5 desired community conditions of well-being results.  Using these combined tools each CSP committee produces a Turn the Curve Report which summarizes the data and identifies what needs improvement and what is working.  This data is maintained and distributed to the community by the Children’s Services Council of Broward County (CSC), the entity chosen by the Leadership Coalition to be the “Anchor Agency” for the Plan.